Welcome to the Positive Outlier

Welcome to the Positive Outlier Academy

This is the place where positive outliers are nurtured, honoured and encouraged, where anyone can become a positive outlier. Here you will find progressive resources designed to help you achieve extraordinary results with your change projects and programmes, resources such as:

  • Our unique and powerful skill acquisition path giving you clear guidance on what to focus upon next
  • Quick Wins – short how-to resources to help you get unstuck … because you haven’t got forever
  • Community forum of like-minded change leaders and other outliers sharing candid hints and tips about what works for them and what doesn’t
  • Cutting edge online learning programmes on personal mastery, people engagement and leadership that build your confidence
  • Access to world-class one-on-one coaching
  • Live members-only webinars, Q&A sessions, and recordings

Unlike most leadership academies and project management groups, the Positive Outlier Academy focuses the few key high-leverage areas of skill that give a disproportionately positive outcome. The Academy focuses on these key skill areas rather than content, content, content. Work on these few areas and your results will speak for themselves.

Patrick Mayfield Author, Coach & Facilitator

What is a Positive Outlier?

Someone who:

  • Consistently achieves results that outperform the average
  • ​Builds and protects healthy margins and boundaries in their life
  • Is a rule-breaker, someone who does not necessarily follow common practice
  • Is an influencer and can get people to buy-in to their ideas
  • Has a positive, growth mindset
  • Exmines their own practices and self-talk regularly, owns them, corrects and enhances them
  • Does fail occasionally, but learns from it and moves on
  • Chooses powerfully
  • Inspires others to become a positive outlier
  • Generates hope
  • Lives and works to their fullest potential.

A Positive Outlier is NOT:

Someone who is:

  • Consistently experiencing indifferent performance and outcomes from their work
  • Conforms and follows the rules
  • Inhibited by fear from engaging people who matter
  • Carries a poverty mindset, that this is as good as it gets and other people are to blame
  • Fails and treats failure as evidence that they are a failure
  • Afraid of making big decisions
  • Overwhelmed by busyness and stress
  • Lives with regret.

Core Members’ Area

The members’ area is the heart of the Academy, with all the mainstream resources at your fingertips. Here you can connect with like-minded change leaders and project managers.

1-to-1 Coaching Area

As well as accessing our core members resources, you can have access to one of our world-class coaches who will work with you on your most difficult challenges helping you achieve breakthrough.

Effective People Engagement

A unique online course

If you want to lead people through change in a better way, join this unique six module online coaching experience.

A better way to influence those around you

Based on the definitive book, Practical People Engagement: Leading Change through the Power of Relationships, this course demystifies the whole subject of how to involve and engage key people and groups in a project.

Even if you don’t work in any formal project context, you will find this short course empowering in improving your influencing skills with your colleagues, clients and customers.