Confidential one-on-one coaching is one of the most powerful ways to accelerate your progress towards exceptional outcomes. Our experienced coaches can help you improve your personal mastery as well as your influence and leadership of others.

Successes our coaching clients have achieved with us include:

  • promotion to greater seniority and reward
  • breakthrough from overwhelming business
  • increased income
  • clarity on personal goals, values and strategies
  • increased confidence in senior meetings
  • increased influence and favour
  • creating positive ideas that led to new business
  • access to all the core membership benefits during your coaching schedule

Following a complimentary half-hour consultation, you and the coach mutually qualify each other, to see if you are right for each other. If not, there is no charge. We cancel your membership or revert it back to a Core Membership.

As a coaching client, you have exclusive access to our coaching resources, as well as to all the core membership resources.

Your coach will agree with you a coaching schedule and then you work together from there from your agreed goals. Your one-off investment entitles you to priority coaching over six one-hour sessions by video conferencing over a four month period. If you wish to continue accessing coaching sessions beyond that you can.