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In this map room there are currently 5 areas:

Leading Teams

Currently: 1 Map

A leader is often judged on the performance of their teams. What makes for an effective team? See in this area useful maps about teams.

& coming soon:

  • Tuckman’s Map
  • Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions Map
  • Gratton’s Map

Senges Map Video Screenshot

Leading Organisations, Cities & Nations

Currently: 3 Maps

Here are the maps on leading major transformations.

Coming soon:

  • Sigmoid Map
  • Transition Map

Leading Yourself

Currently: Empty

These maps help you become more self-aware and help you in your effort to improve your own skills.

Coming soon:

  • Types of leader
  • Body, Soul & Spirit
  • Frankl’s Map
  • The Habit Map
  • The TED Map

Change Curve Map Video Screenshot

Leading one-to-one

Currently: 3 Maps

Here you will find maps about influencing one-to-one, about why someone might resist change.

& coming soon:​​​​​

  • Maslow’s Map
  • Hertzberg’s Map
  • McGregor’s Map

Leading Appreciatively

Currently: 1 Map

There is a growing body on work around positive leadership with some dramatic breakthroughs at all levels of leadership.

& coming soon:

  • Positive Deviance
  • World Café
  • Strategic Doing


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